Kaolin and quartz mixture

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Kaolin and quartz mixture — Zhuravliniy Log


Kaolin and quartz mixture of Zhuravliniy Log deposit

Премикс (каолино-кварцевая смесь) месторождения Журавлиный лог

There are three main natural types of kaolin on the deposit. The predominant type is kaolin, formed by weathering of granites of povarnenskiy solid mass. Macroscopically and in chemical composition, they are different from kaolins, built in the Precambrian enclosing rocks — gneisses and schists (enclosing rocks).

Macroscopically, kaolins on granites are represented by different-sized particles of primary, relict quartz with variable impurity of corroded particles of potassium feldspar (K-feldspar) and small scales of light-colored mica (muscovite) distributed in kaolinite basis.

Kaolins on enclosing rocks preserve traces of orientation of biotite slivery particles and structurally are more fine-grained, because the primary quartz is mainly close- and fine-grained.

The chemical and mineral composition of the raw kaolin depends on the nature of the substrate.

Пробы каолина-сырца

The content (in %) of the major components of the chemical composition of samples of raw kaolin

Horizontal axis:

1–3 samples of normal kaolins on granites

4–6 alkaline kaolins on granites

7–9 normal kaolins on enclosing rocks

Different ratios are set in the triad of kaolin-quartz-K-feldspar, depending on the features of kaolin formation. In apogranite normal kaolins, the content of quartz is a little less than in kaolinite at dramatic subordinate value of K-feldspar. In alkaline kaolins on quartz, granite is predominant, and kaolin takes the second and sometimes the third place. Ratio of kaolinite and K-spar is determined by the degree of kaolinization of the latter, consequently, in the quarries the content of the first one decreases with the depth, and the content of the second one increases. Normal kaolins on enclosing rocks are characterized by a very low content of K-feldspar (up to its absence) at kaolinite content close to two-fold excess relatively to quartz.

The contents of the main mineral components:

  • in samples of normal light-colored raw kaolin: kaolinite — 47–64%, quartz — 32–44%, muscovite (sericite) — 1–10%, K-feldspar — up to 8%.
  • in samples of alkaline kaolin a slightly larger range of values is observed: kaolinite — 22–68%, quartz — 35–40%, muscovite (sericite) — 1–12%, K-feldspar 10–30%.

Minerals of oxides of iron, titanium, montmorillonite, halloysite, and calc-spar are presented as impurities, but even in a small content can affect the kaolin properties: color, plasticity, adsorption properties, and cohesiveness.

The quality of raw kaolin is determined by three main indicators:

1) The content of the clay fraction (-63 µm)

2) By the content of K-feldspar, the content of К2О (K-feldspar) affects the ceramic properties of the raw by lowering in one way or another its melting point and defining its fusibility.

3) The content of Fe2O3 oxide. With increasing content of Fe2O3 and TiO2 coloration of raw kaolin and enriched product derived from it is increasing.

The chemical composition of KKS-ZhL

White and light gray kaolins (KKS-ZhL brand) are of the primary commercial interest, including those having light color shades (yellow, pink, cream) containing:

  • aluminum oxide Al2O3 not less than 20.7%,
  • iron oxide Fe2O3 less than 0.59%,
  • titanium oxide TiO2 less than 0.22%,
  • moisture content in the range of 15–19%.

The mineralogical composition of KKS-ZhL

  • kaolinite content of at least 45%
  • quartz content of less than 48%
  • K-feldspar / muscovite content of less than 5–6%
  • calcite content of less than 1%.

Premix — kaolin and quartz mixture

Премикс месторождения Журавлиный Лог

Premix is the kaolin and quartz mixture, acquired as a result of the industrial enrichment process. Premix is dry white powder without pigmented inclusions with the maximum grain size of 1 mm with up to 1.5 per cent of moisture.

Mineral composition

  • kaolinite 45%,
  • quartz 45%,
  • hydromica (illite) + smectite 8%,
  • fieldspar glist smectite containing smectite (swelling) packages 15%.

Grain composition of premix

Premix chemical composition (kaolin and quartz mixture)

  SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 TiO2 K2O Na2O CaO Losses at calculation


70,0 ±3,0%







7,5±0, 5%

Hydrogen ion concentration (рН) of water suspension, in the limit


Premix diffraction pattern (kaolin and quartz mixture)

Дифрактограмма премикса

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Technical condition

Premix of Zhuravliniy Log deposit

Премикс месторождение Журавилный Лог TU 5729-093-12615988-2010 Premix

Mixture of kaolin and quartz

Каолино-кварцевая смесь месторождения Журавлиный Лог TU 5729-092-12615988-2002 mixture of kaolin and quartz


Каолино-кварцевая смесь - идеальное сырье

Kaolin and quartz mixture from the Zhuravliniy Log deposit of the Kaolin and quartz mixture – Zhuravliniy Log (KKS-ZhL) Brand (technical specifications TU-5729-092-12615988-2002) and Premix (TU-5729-093-12615988-2010) can be used as composite ceramic raw materials for production of faience ware, sanitary ceramics and ceramic granite; however for this purpose it is necessary to discuss with the consumer the content of main chemical and mineral constituents.

Kaolin and quartz mixture of the Zhuravliniy Log deposit is the ideal raw material for the production of white cement as a high-aluminous component.