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Largest Kaolin Deposit — Zhuravliniy Log

Plast-Rifey LLC has been developing the largest kaolin deposit in Russia — Zhuravliniy Log, situated 9 km away from the town of Plast in the Chelaybinsk region, since 1992. The enterprise aims all its efforts to efficient use of nature resources.

The enterprise is engaged in enriching production and has a line for metakaolin production (heat treatment of enriched kaolin) and a production laboratory that carries out product quality control and prosecution of research in new spheres.

Large variety of kaolins

Пять крупных залежей каолинов

The Zhuravliniy Log deposit contains more than 60 mln tons of primary kaolin developed reserves. The deposit has five large fields of high-quality kaolin suitable for production of high-quality kaolin concentrate satisfying the requirements of different industry sectors.

Kaolins are subdivided into natural types depending on their source rocks:

  • normal kaolins from granite,
  • alkaline kaolins from granite,
  • normal kaolins from gneiss.

The deposit is unique because it contains kaolins of different chemical and mineralogical composition as well as quartz sands with minimum content of coloring oxides. All this allows the enterprise to produce not only qualitative kaolin and quartz concentrates, but also kaolin and sand mixtures.

Selective mining, sorting and composition control

Primary storage of raw kaolin is carried out by chemical composition.

Formation of graded stockpiles — accumulators, averaging inside grades — is the guarantee of high quality and consistency of the composition of output products.


Сухой способ обогащенияModern technology of dry enrichment method allows maintaining or adjusting of natural rheological properties of kaolin concentrate, production of quartz sand and related products — aluminosilicate composite (premix).

Sparing drying schedule of raw kaolin, disintegration of the dried raw materials with further classification by size and specific gravity of the particles to obtain materials containing kaolin and quartz of specified chemical granulometric composition.

Kaolin calcining

Selection of raw materials for calcining (of enriched kaolin) according to the mineralogical, chemical and granulometric composition is the key to obtaining products of the calcining of a given composition. In the production of metakaolin manufacturer uses innovative technology of calcining — contactless calcining. This guarantees homogeneous heating of each kaolin particle. Modes of heat treatment have a significant effect on the activity of metakaolin.

Low calcining temperature leads to incomplete dehydration of the raw product; high calcining temperature leads to sintering and formation of mullite. The selected temperature mode and duration of calcination allows producing of high quality metakaolin based on kaolin concentrate of Zhuravliniy Log deposit.

Quality control

The production laboratory is equipped with the equipment necessary for express analysis of the quality of products of enrichment at all process stages of technological process. At the same time in the company’s laboratory the methods for testing the products quality for compliance with regulatory documents were developed and implemented.

Environmental Policy

Plast-Rifey LLC pays special attention to the environmental issues and seeks to minimize the impact of production on the environment. Minimizing the negative impact on the environment and rational use of natural resources are the key directions of the company’s environmental policy.

Sale guarantees

Качественный продуктIt is quality of the raw materials; production control; the ability the company’s management team to think about tomorrow; proper labor organization; the use of modern equipment; the optimization and standardization of all processes with implementation of the latest technology and tools of quality management and production system.

The state and public honors. Winner of the «100 best goods of Russia» contest. Gold medal of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre for the quality of products. Winner’s certificate in the contest «Best Russian» for environmentally friendly raw materials.

The guarantee of successful cooperation is the modern materials and technical equipment of the enterprise, high qualification of our employees, an ongoing dialogue with the customers.

Monitoring of production process

Plast-Rifey LLC works extensively with the customers, involved in the production of ceramics, porcelain, faience ware, electroceramics, refractories, fiberglass, and industrial rubber and building materials. Production of the enterprise is characterized by optimal ratio of price and quality, properties and characteristics of the product satisfying the needs and expectations of consumers. All this allows the company to hold a steady position in the market.

Effective incoming inspection of raw materials, monitoring of production processes, modern equipment, high quality, the stability of technological parameters guaranteed by the control system of production laboratory, staff qualifications and business reputation of Plast-Rifey LLC is the key to the future success of our customers in the development and improvement of their business.