• Leading position in the Russian in the mining and processing of kaolin
    каолиновый карьер
  • Kaolin and quartz mixture is an unique raw material
    месторождение каолина
  • Selective mining of kaolin
    добыча каолина
  • Dry enrichment technology for kaolin
    обогащенный каолин
  • Quality control at all stages of technological process
    Журавлиный лог месторождение каолина
  • Ability of the company's leadership to think about tomorrow
  • Our production is the reliable present and the successful future
    Добыча каолина в России
  • Reliable, modern and quality packaging for kaolin
    упаковка каолина
  • Rail transportation and vehicle transportation of kaolin
    каолиновый карьер Журавлиный Лог
  • Ongoing dialogue with consumers
  • The rational use of natural resources
    каолин в России
  • Reducing the negative environmental impact
    добыча каолина в россии

Kaolin quarry Zhuravliniy Log

The history is being created today.
And it depends on us what it will be like.
We think about the future first of all, that's why we choose the quality and the reliability of our production.

The General Director of Plast-Rifey LLC
Bakhtin Mikhail

Kaolin-quartz mixture — "Zhuravliniy Log" deposit.